MD334 Youth Camp :)

I'm Yukimi Okasaka, a chief leader of this camp.

The camp was over yesterday.

We held a closing ceremony, went to Todaiji temple, and after that, it was time to say goodbye.

In the ceremony, the YCE chairperson MD334, Mr. Yamauchi, I and two of the youths gave address. And they gave their banners to Mr. Yamauchi.

In Todaiji, youths romped with deer and looked happy.


How quickly time flies.

Their way of thinking about time is different from that of Japanese. Though I gave advice to all of the youths, they were really meek and tried to act in time.

Especially, in the morning meeting in Norikura was good. We had already finished roll call when the other guest groups started to gather. I really appreciate their cooperation.

I wanna appreciate many things.

Anyway, I wanna say thank you to all participants of this camp.

Thank you very much.


キャンプテーマ「Enjoy Japan, Feel Japan!」
camp theme: Enjoy Japan, Feel Japan!
slogan: camp made by each of staff
We accomplished these goals.

I was very glad to make this camp with these youths, Japanese staff and Lions.

I also want to express my gratitude to the people who were involved in it.

Thank you very much.

I already miss them.In the closing ceremony , I said "Remember this wonderful 6 days." I'm sure I CANNOT forget this camp.

I hope this camp became wonderful one scene of lives for all the participants.
Hello everyone. I'm Sena Morisaki and a leader of sub, team 5.

Today is already fifth day of winter camp.

In the morning, we we went to Myosin-zhi and experienced Zazen,


Buddihist priest explained to us in all English, so everyone were experiencing seriously.

After Myosin-zhi, we separated by 3 team,and went ti Kiyomizu-dear, Gion, and Fushimiinari-taisya.

Every team enjoyed each shrine, lunch, and shopping, and could came back to Kyoto station safely, in time.


In returning bus, everyone talked about each courses,and livened up.

This camp will finish tomorrow.

Although we are acclimatized to this environment, we have to say "good bye " so I'm so sad.But this is youth camp.

I want to do the best as a member of camp staff.

It was a pleasant morning with such beautiful weather like before. We were into the mood of completing the fifth day of the camp which was going a day trip to Kyoto. After cleaning up, we had our lovely breakfast and did some preparations for the activities and trip to Kyoto. We left the hostel quite early to make sure we are on time accordingly to schedule. It was about 8.50 that we left Nara for Kyoto.After one and a half hours sitting in the bus,we finally reached our destinations as we were pumped to participate. Not long after ,we stopped at a temple called Myoshinji Temple Taizo-in which we were excited to do meditation for the first time.

While walking into the temple, we saw beautiful unexplainable scenery which was located beside the path we were walking in. The air was fresh and the scenery was comfortable as we were surrounded by gardens and trees. As we entered the temple, we were welcomed by a local master which even given us some explanations about meditation which is called Zazen in Japanese. There were three simple steps to meditate. Firstly, find a quiet place, straighten for backs and put your right hand on the left hand and stick tightly to you stomach. The aim of meditation is to release our stress and clear our mind. All camp candidates and Japanese staff with some lions did meditation for around 15 minutes with a start of one clap and four rings of traditional bells. And also, the meditation ended by two click or claps followed by one ring of bell. After the meditation, the master gave us a quick tour around the temple and it was stunning. The gardens with mini waterfalls gave a feeling that we was in the middle of the jungle. I was so impressed by the design and also the quietness of the surroundings. After having a good time, we went back to our bus to continue our journey of one day trip in Kyoto. We headed to Kyoto station as planned at the same time, were excited as were we heading there. When reach, we went and split accordingly into groups which were heading to Gion, Kiyomizu-dera temple and Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine. I had selected Fushimi Inari shrine due to the beauties of the scenery and also the redness of the thousand shrines. And also I was looking forward to try and taste the food there. After splitting into groups, my group went to Fushimi Inari as planned. It took us 15 minutes by bus and 3.3 km from Kyoto station. The fees was about 500 yen per person and it was moderate. We took public bus as it was the most convenient way to reach there. We stopped at a bus station nearby and got off the bus. Soon, we started walking to Fushimi Inari and welcomed by a red giant shrine Called the 熊野社 (Kumanosha). We continued our way and saw a smaller shrine called 藤尾社 (Fujiosha). Those two shrines was biggest

Among all and it was gigantic. All of my group was amazed by the size and also the redness of the shrine. Then, we skipped past some attractions to find our way to the main shrine. There were bells hanging in front of the main shrine that are used to get luck. I tried to rang it and it played beautiful sounds. After taking pictures ,we headed to the main attraction which were Senbon Torii (1000 shrine gates) It was so beautiful that we dropped jaws and the place was packed with countless people taking pictures everywhere. We went into the right lane of the shrines. We were surprised that the size of the shrine was small and we could barely fit in. According to Wikipedia, this place is so famous that millions from around the world come specially to visit this attraction. After exiting the shrines we went to Omokaru Stone which applied to a concept of the more lighter you guessed the stone weight that is nearer, the more chances your wishes will come true. Then you will lift the stone up. Later, we continued the journey by buying tons of food back . Most of them are street food and pork meat . I bought a giant chunk of pork meat and it was freaking delicious. My friends also ate some takoyaki and we shared the food together that's all about the trip one day trip to Kyoto .


El win from Malaysia

I'm Megumi and leader of team 1.

We left Norikura and then made "Sarubobo" in Hida.

Everyone was interested in making it.

I made it for the first time too,
so I made very good memories:-)


And then we took some pictures.
Most people slept while we went to the Nara youth hostel.

We stay new place but we can smoothlly eat dinner, take a bath, and so on.

Tomorrow we will have free time in Kyoto.

We will enjoy the time, of course staff too.

We will do the best until the end.

12/18(Sunday) Day 4
Today is day 4!As usual,we waked up at 6.30.After prepared,we had a meeting in gym room.About 7 o'clock, we cleaned our places such as bedrooms,bathrooms and toilets.We ate breakfast at 7.40 and this is the last day we ate in norikura.
After eating,we went Hidanosato to sew sarubobo, this means lucky baby monkey.The monkey has no face and we need to imagine it. It is depends on the feeling when we sew.Sawing sarubobo was difficult but it was fun!The scenery there was so beautiful and we took many photos for memories.
After that, we went to Nara hostel. On the way,we ate lunch.Most of us slept in the bus but Megumi and Yuki took photos of us.Oh my!Its so ugly!However, its doesn't matter! Haha!
After 4 hours, we finally arrived Nara hostel!We ate dinner at 6 o'clock.The chicken was delicious!We discussed about tomorrow's event during free time.I and my friends will go to Gion with Megumi and Nagisa!I'm so looking foward to there!
Now, Its our time to foster our relationship!Somes of them chit-and-chat and somes of them play ping pong.I and my friends are playing games.All of us are happy and fun!
We need to sleep at 10.30 later.I'm looking foward for tomorrow!Hope we have more fun tomorrow!



DAY3 Open Camp
Hello, everyone. I'm Nagisa Okamine, the leader of team 2.

We had the most important event of this camp, Open Camp yesterday. 15 Japanese members came to Norikura. They ate lunch and did some sports with youth. They could join only a day, but they and youth hit it off. 


Open Camp staffs were given missions in the bus. To complete them, they did " PPAP" together or 
were taught foreign national songs by youth. 


It made staffs happy that all team seemed to enjoy sports. To tell the truth, we staffs were very nervous until Open Camp started. However we felt that it was successful even though there were a few troubles. We appreciate all of you who supported us so mush. Hopefully Open Camp will be held the next year.
Hello,everyone. I'm Nagisa Okamine, the leader of team 2.

Today, we had Country Presentation and Open Camp. I'd like to write about all events, but if I do so, this article will be too long. So I separated into 2 articles. This is about Country Presentation, and the other is about Open Camp.

We had Country Presentation in the morning. This winter we have youth from Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. Though the first was Paige from Australia, she coulnd't speak in a loud voice. So Sena, the leader of team 5, gave the presentation instead oh her.

The next was Chloe from New Zealand. She spoke aboout the traditions of New Zealand, her school, and so on.

The last was the presenntation of Malaysia by 18 Malayian. They wore many kinds of traditionl costumes and sang a famous Malaysian song. At the end, we danced "Chicken dance" together. I really enjoyed all presentations.
最後は18人のマレーシア人によるマレーシアの発表でした。多くの種類の伝統的な衣装を着ていて、有名なマレーシアの歌を歌ってくれました。終わりには一緒に"Chicken dance"を踊りました。本当にどのプレゼンテーションも楽しかったです。


After that, we staffs did the presentation about Japan. We introduced Origami and Manga. In addition, we folded Origami and made a heart mark. Most of youth could make not only heart marks but also cranes.

I think that each presentation was amazing and we had wonderful time.

6:30 a.m, YE students and Japanese staff members wake up to get ready to start a new day.
7:00a.m, YE students of Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, and so is the Japanese lions staff participate cleaning duties. By
7:40a.m, Breakfast is surved in the cafeteria.
9:30a.m, YE students and Japanese lions members are gathed in the conference room for a Country Presentation of Australia, N ew Zealand, Malaysia and Japan. Presentation ended at 11:30a.m.
12:00p.m, Lunch is surved at the cafeteria and many YE students gathed 10minutes before Lunch is ready.
13:30p.m, Japanese lions staff have prepare a sports event and having 15Japanese youths joining us.Multiple competitions and games were held at the gym of National Norikura Youth Friendship Center. The friendly match ended well at 16:30p.m.
17:00p.m, YE students and Japanese staff had an evening meeting of introducing the LionsCamp to other guest groups who are also starting at the National Norikura Center.
17:30p.m, Dinner is surved from 17:30p.m to 18:30p.m.
19:00p.m, All YE students has free time to park their belongings and taking their shower.
22:30p.m, The day ends and all YE Students had Lights-out.


today's member : Christy CHEONG Wei Jing
Hallo. I'm Nanami Ito, team4 Leader.

Today's plan was climbing wall, Japanese culture experience, and presentation of free activity in Kyoto.




In Japanese culture experience, we presented about shodo, the New Year in Japan, spinning a top, hukuwarai.





We will held OpenCamp tomorrow. We wanna enjoy it with the Youths and OpenCamp participants.

Konnichiwa! Hello everyone. My name is May Teo Xin Yu and you can call me "may may-chan" for short. First I am so glad that can meet you all, Yukimi, Nagisa, Yuki, Nanami, Megumi and Sena. I am so sorry that because of My eyes problem so make you all worry. I am really thank to you all for helping me. I also thank to LionsClub people for bring me to hospital. I am really thank to the Lions people for paid the fees for me. Yukimi, Megumi and Yuki, I am really thanks to both of you for according me to play the snow. I am sorry to Yuki, I am not in purpose to throw the snow ball to you. But I am really very enjoy in Japan. I am also really enjoy and feel great when i I played the snow. I am so happy that can play with you all.I am so happy that you all so care me and take care of me. Thanks for Nanami for helping me to write my name in Nihongo. I am also thanks to Yuki for write my name to me!! :) The food in Japan is really oishii. ga-sukidesu. I am really enjoy in Japan!!

Camp Staff Meeting #2
Hello! I'm Yukimi Okasaka, a chief leader of this winter youth camp.

The second camp staff meeting was held on December 3rd.

We only had 2 weeks after the last meeting, but we cooperated and wound up our plan.

We checked the whole movement each day.

I participated in the summer youth camp a year and a half ago, and the memory has dimmed actually, but it revived by checking our movement!

The meeti ng lasted for 7 hours, but the time past so fast!

The camp will start in a week. All of us cooperate and certainly make a success.

We hope to accomplish this camp made by each of us.

キャンプ中、毎日ブログも更新するので、ぜひ見て、見た証拠にコメントもいただければ嬉しいです :)
We will update our blog everyday during this camp. Please check it and make your comment :)


kyoto inspection②
Hello. I`m Yuki Aoi. staff members of this winter youth camp.

I went to kiyomizudera in Kyoto, Gion, Fusimi inari shrine.

It will be my first youth camp for me.

I am very excited. However, I am nervous.

I`d like to deal with this youthcamp to the best of one`s ability.

It`s a short 6-day time but I will do my best.

I'm MEGUMI and a member of winter youthcamp in 2016.

I participate in camp for the first time, so I'm pleasant and worried.

But, I'd like to deal with this camp to the best of one's ability

I went to Kyoto for inspection with Sena Morisaki of sub leader last Saturday.

We went to Fushimi Inari Taisha, Gion and Kiyomizu Temple.


We investigated a place of taking and getting off, the bus timetabl, the way to go to the tourist spot, the place of the restroom, the place of the souvenir and so on.

We can lead even if it'll be only me the day.

I was a little relieved to go to Kyoto for inspection.

There is not much time, but I join hands with staffs and make this camp succeed.

Camp Staff Meeting #1
Hello, I'm Nagisa Okamine, one of the staff members of this winter youth camp.

The first camp staff meeting was held on November 19th.

We discussed the camp schedule for over 4 hours, but I felt that we didn't have enough time.

I thought that each plan needs reconsidering and improving by the next meeting coming on December 3rd.

Although we have only 6 members, we all are trying to make the camp wonderful!